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Facial massage "Chiromassage IQ" allows creating of individual massages for a particular person, taking into account internal and external factors of their aging and the peculiarities of the anatomical structure of their face - skin, adipose tissue, fascia, skull bones, and the morphotype of facial aging.

This takes facial massage to a new level of correction and prevention of age-related changes in the face and neck and increases the status and competitiveness of an aesthetic medicine specialist or masseur.

Possible goals of facial massage are:

  • Aesthetic correction of age-related changes in the face and neck (wrinkles, folds, soft tissue ptosis, deformation of the face, "double chin" and so on).

  • Slowing down the aging process (anti-aging).

  • Preparation and restoration of the soft tissues of the face and neck after aesthetic surgeries, injection, thread, and other methods of impact.

  • Relaxation and psychological support.

  • Anti-stress therapy.

What is special about ChiroMassage IQ

  • The peculiarity of this massage is the ability to create a specialized massage for solving a specific task, an individual approach in everything related to aging and psychoemotional state.

  • A large number of massage techniques, as the uniqueness and virtuosity of their performance, allow a masseur to create a new massage on the spot, turning their work into creativity and endless meditation, which prevents fatigue and burnout from the specialist.

  • Each massage is perceived by the client as completely new, so getting used to it is impossible - it's always unexpected, always in anticipation, and always like an interesting journey into the realm of sensations and awareness of one's body, emotions, and mind. Each massage is like a holiday, and the result can always be demonstrated in the mirror, not only in the sphere of sensations, which inspires trust in both the massage itself and the masseur. The main principle of massage is interaction on all available levels - physical, emotional, and mental.

Holistic approach

We view the human body as a complete system, in which many interconnected processes are taking place at all levels, from the molecular to the organismal.

A person's appearance is influenced not only by anatomical features and physiological processes in the body but also by their psycho-emotional state and mental activity.

We always work with the person as a whole, not just their muscles, fascia, or ligaments. Therefore, when we target one system, such as the muscular-fascial system, we consider how this will affect other systems and what effect it will have on the patient's well-being and quality of life.

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